Transcription Prices


Transcription prices at Transcript Divas are dependent on a couple of things, turnaround time and difficulty ( if you would like to compare our transcription prices please click here):

  1. Turnaround Time: The faster the turnaround the more we have to  stay up late, hence the higher “red eye” price.
  2. Difficulty: There are several elements that can increase the time taken to transcribe a recording, and therefore the transcription price (e.g. more than 2 people talking, unclear recording, accents etc.).


Turnaround TimeRate/Recorded Minute*
7 Business Days CA$1.59/rec. min.
3 Business Days CA$1.69/rec. min.
2 Business Days CA$1.89/rec. min.
1 Business Day CA$2.19/rec. min.
Same Business Day CA$2.90/rec. min.
*Rates are for our most popular service - clear one to one recordings without time codes and with Intelligent Verbatim. Prices for variations (groups/time coding/unclear recordings) are on the quote page.


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