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Leading research, academic and media organisations use Transcript Divas for their Transcription Services. Not only are we the most affordable transcription service in the Toronto area, we are also the only Canadian Transcription Service to offer a 200% guarantee on our timelines and accuracy. Looking for Transcription Services in the UK – Try our UK team Transcript Divas UK. Looking for Transcription Services in Australia – Try our Australian team.

Transcript Divas are No RiskWe provide a 200% Guarantee on both deadline & accuracy.
Affordable Transcription Prices : Currently (Mar. 2014)  the “Divadom” ranks No.1  for having the lowest transcription prices in Canada.


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Our Guarantee.



We guarantee to complete your transcripts accurately AND within the quoted time-frame – if not, we refund the cost AND provide you an equivalent time credit. It’s our 200% guarantee (more info).


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Academic Transcription Services

Transcript Divas are preferred providers for some of the largest universities in Canada. With special discounted rates for academic research  programs.  READ: Academic Transcription Services

Transcription Rates

We have recently completed a review of the Top 10 Transcription Services and have found transcription prices at Transcript Divas to be right at the top of the list. Go Divas! READ: Where to find Cheap Transcription Services

Transcription Jobs

We currently have a number of transcription jobs available at Transcript Divas for experienced transcriptionists, who are Canada based native  English speakers. READ: Transcription Employment

~ The Divas News ~

March 2015

Transcript Divas actively supporting Evaluation of International Health program in Nepal.  READ: Evaluation Consultants offer voluntary evaluations.

January 2015: 6 Steps to Informed Interview Consent.

Welcoming in the new year is our blog focusing on best practices towards informed consent. READ: Interviews & Informed Consent Forms

December 2014: 4 Steps to landing a transcription job.

Our latest blog update tackles a common question we receive from people  trying to find out how to start as a transcriptionist. How do I get my first transcription job? Our HR department have put together a great little 4 step process that should see you on the right track . READ: 4 Steps to finding work as a transcriptionist.