Transcription Jobs – Project Manager


  • This ad was posted on 30th March 2013 and we are looking for a Project Manager for an immediate start.
  • This would suit an outgoing, time conscious, multi tasker with “business sense”.
  • Maximum  of 40  hours of work per week “on call” – ready to answer calls and respond to emails, 4-6  hours of actual at computer / on phone work per day. Total monthly income is contract based so is dependent on the amount of work coming in. As with all businesses this will flucuate and is dependant on how well you do in the role. If it falls below CAD$4000 a month it will be surprising. 


  • Answer telephone calls from clients immediately. Answer emails from clients immediately. Emphasize service features based on questions concerning customers’ situation and needs. Assist customers in making service selections. This is a “sales” type part of the role.
  • Provide quotes and invoices to clients – this is all set up in an easy to use online package.
  • Organize Divas to carry out typing of audio recordings and proofread work coming back before the work goes back to the client. 


  • You will be paid on commission. The harder you work the more you get paid. So – making sure the client is happy, spending some time chasing up quotes, sorting out problems quickly – the more business will come in – and the more commissions you will get!! The past project manager was earning 3000-5000 per month. 
  • Independence – you will be shown how the ship is being run by a Diva Master- but the way you choose to work is up to you!


You need to be:

  • Systems minded. You must be a person who is constantly looking for a balance between “systems” and a “human face”. Be always looking for the best, most efficient way of dealing with clients and contractors to minimise turnaround time. Yet still retain contractors and please clients!
  • Client focused. You must be able to find out what the client is wanting, and explain how the service will achieve this.
  • Nice to contractors. Good contractors are hard to find!!!
  • Flexible with time commitment. It is pretty much unpredictable!
  • Dedicated to a full time position.
  • Multi tasker. Although work is not “hectic” some tasks involve waiting time (e.g. waiting for replies from contractors, waiting for downloading files etc). It is expected that you will be constantly running a few “processes” at once (e.g. download a file, answer emails and invoice clients) .
  • Business minded. You must see this as an opportunity to help build a good business – and share in the benefit!

Interested? – Please email through your CV to human.resources@ .  Please also provide a description of how you can show that you match each of the areas noted in the person specification using the following format:

Business minded. You must see this as an opportunity to help build a good business – and share in the benefit!

I took sales calls for my previous employer – AK Watts. I secured sales worth £30,000 in 6 months. In 2004 I operated my own transportation business for 12 months.