Transcription Services Review 2014

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Transcription Services Review 2014

What was the review process?

In March 2014, using Google, Transcript Divas searched for the  top 10 transcription services in Canada.

We attempted to establish the transcription rates on a per minute of recording basis for clearly recorded one to one interviews.

After analysing the services,  we were surprised to find that Transcript Divas Canada came out on top. The Divas had one of the lowest transcription rates in Canada, and were the only service to offer a 200% guarantee on both time lines and accuracy.

Transcription ServicesPrice / min. Interviews.Info.
Transcript Divas Canada$1.693 days. 200% Guarantee. Discount Services $1.39/min.*
Casting$1.506 days. Non-Canadian.
Point$2.00Minimum Cost per min.
E TransN/A. Only charge rate per line typed.
Transcript Me$2.002 days. Non-Canadian.
ExpediteN/A. Hospitals Only.
Pad$17 days. Non-Canadian.
Transcript Ca$1.51Minimum Cost per min. South African.
Scribe $1.05India.
StenoN/A Courts Only.
* Discount service restrictions: 240 mins. in total or more, uploaded as a single project, clearly recorded, no more than 2 speakers, intelligent verbatim, no time coding or other time intensive requirements.

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