Video Transcription Services

-TranscriptDivas –

Transcript Divas have extensive experience in transcribing video for film, media and research agencies. We can process videos that are Internet or in hard copy formats, can include time codes, and provide transcripts in either verbatim format (contains all utterances ums, ers, repeats, stutters etc.) or clean format (stays true to the message but without ums,ers, repeats etc.)

What is the video transcription process?

  1. Fill out an order form.
  2. Upload the video files or provide the links to files already uploaded.
  3. If the video is in hard copy, please call our office to arrange a courier pick up.
  4. Once your files are transcribed we will email a sample of the transcript to you.
  5. Please email us or phone the office once payment has been made or in process, and we will email the remainder through to you